Baby Fanta

Baby Fanta


Life gets busy and before you know it, much time has come and gone.   I wonder, where did the time go?   Literally, I never know what time it is here.  The days just flow in and out of themselves like the clouds that color the sky; flowing is a big part of living here.

I welcome the different aspects of my life, sometimes here, sometimes there.   Either out on the land or in ABQ, I find the joys in the daily ongoings.     Sitting and watching the birds, or watching the landscape change as the rains come and go.    It is a unique way of looking at life, through the lens of the nature that surrounds us.     Us……we have a new member of our family now.   A little baby that wandered into our lives.  We did a bit of wishing and wanting as well.     She is blond, long haired and needed some lovin….don’t we all.

So wonderful to learn again the simple moments of watching a baby play.   There is nothing like looking through her eyes and seeing what she sees.   Times like these that make being an empath a very pleasant gift.

Fanta has the best personality.   She faces down Lily with her tail raised and her guard up!  Every inch of her fur stands on edge and she does this dance.   She hops up and down, tail out, fur out, forward she moves.    Lily ignores her mostly, jealous of the new addition to our home.   What wonderful days we live, what good lives we have.

Awww the lazy part of life..
I love my new home
walkin on the wild side….



Yes it has been awhile since I have written.    It is part of my cycle, I ebb and flow.

There is so much to write again.  I have some stored up stories of our days here.   There have been new womyn on the land and that is always a plus.   Yes new womyn meeting each other, exploring other ways of living, being, relating.   There are challenges and pieces of pure bliss.   There are learning days with a curve.   Wells that run dry but then a new experience of how to fix a well and pulling up hundreds of feet of pipe and old windmill parts that go down over 5oo feet!    Wow, what a job that is!!   I am amazed at how the water comes so far up to the surface and the machines that have been made to successfully keep it pumping up.   The water is delicious, something I have not tasted since I was a child.   It is good clean, with minerals and all, liquid gold.    Mmmmm….I am so thankful for water and the life it gives to us, the plants, the animals.   How very important it is to have and everyone needs to think about this  these days especially.    How we pay so much for water when it used to flow fresh and free.    It is everyone’s right to have good, clean, fresh water to drink.   Think about how many of us do not have that right?!

I am so thankful for the well technicians, thankful for Jae with her limitless knowledge of the land, the people who keep it going, the womyn who love her so.   I am so thankful for the recent womyn who have found the Land and enjoyed its bounty.   I know more and more of you will come when it just gets too hard out there and you need some healing time.

Later you beautiful tribe of womyn….wherever you may be.









Author: indygowolf

My life recently went through a drastic change. I moved off of Long Island and moved to wild country in New Mexico. I am surrounded by vibrant colors of red hues that are accented by the calling of the wind, the local ravens and coyotes. The stars have come alive again for me and most nights the display is something I dreamed about. Life is so alive! Yes that's the word ALIVE!! Everything is so new!! The weather, the animals, plant life, etc. It is all alive, even the stars talk to me!

3 thoughts on “Baby Fanta”

  1. I am so glad for my Outland experience and yearn to be back on the land with my friends and nature. I admire your strength and courage . You are Amazon !


  2. Baby Fanta is so pretty… you took beautiful pictures of her. I love the thought of being so content that the day just rolls into the next … no time… just flowing freely with the world around you. It sounds so relaxing and filled with things to do.


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