Jae, Us and the land…

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This is  Jae.  She is our wise womyn, our esteemed elder.    She has a pure heart of gold and lives to make womyn’s lives matter.  A feminist, writer, syster, mother, she is a builder of dreams and holds the hope of a better way of living for womyn of our tribe.    In a cycle now where being a daughter is the ultimate love and sacrifice, she continues to work for womyn’s lands everywhere and keeps our  collection of womyn’s lands as her focus.

To be able to just be half of what she is, would be a blessing.

I met Jae through an email while searching for womyn’s land in New Mexico.   It was fate and prayers that brought us together.   Tracy had a large part to do with this meeting since she lives in Albuquerque and that is where I wanted to be.    I have had a dream to find some land, a community where we all had a main goal of the future.

Jae brings the strength of womyn’s land past.  She holds the foundation and roots of this sacred place.   All womyn’s land is sacred.   We all strive to live a simple life where freedom of spirit is the main focus.   Being womyn in a patriarchal world, especially a lesbian, is the ultimate prison for us.   Having a place to go where womyn’s ideas are treasured, is something else.   We create as womyn, commune as womyn and live, love and learn as womyn.   It is a unique experience outside of normal society,  where I can flourish, feel alive and learn to love myself and live again.

It is not always easy.   It is remote and takes getting used to.  It is of a different climate and learning to take care of myself can be a challenge.   Being at the beginning of a new venture, waiting for others to find us, and seeing that there is another way of living takes time. Having a new partner, lover and friend colors everything now.  Life can be intense but also sweet.   A newness I have not tasted in oh so long and is very welcome.   I am so very thankful for her.

I write to understand, put it all together,  become more aware of my limitations within a mind and heart that has a past, has its faults but still strives to be more.



I have loved the womyn who have come here to stay for awhile, see what it is all about, find a place to rest or put their own lives back on the right path.    The land can be very healing but also harsh.   Acute awareness of the wilds of my surroundings was not part of my experience.  Becoming more aware in all areas of my life blends and morphs into something more.


tracy smile




I am reflected in her eyes, how she sees, what she feels.   Her insight is eye opening, supportive and kind.   Forgiving is always the answer and allowing each other the space to grow, let go and move on is part of our lives as well.

The sweet walk on an early morning is very welcome and connecting.   Experiencing life in the raw, where the intensity of the wind and the changing sky can be a beautiful thing.   We watch the animals but especially the many birds.   We laugh at their antics and look up as the Ravens come and go.


We watched the last full moon coming up over the mesa with a golden hue in the sky.  Then large ship looking clouds formed in the distance near the horizon.   The day faded and the twilight hours shared a light show with us.   Streaks of lightening in the clouds took over the skyline.   There were so many strikes it felt like a fireworks display that goes on and on. We heard no thunder, how very strange.   We looked on in awe and held each other  softly.   We felt  we were part of something magical, special.   Sharing that feeling….well maybe you know how that feels.




Don’t forget to look up and see the sky.   Try to sit and be for awhile and watch the clouds form and flow.   Listen for the birds songs and what they are saying to each other.   Feel the wind in the trees and wonder what it is like to be a tree.    Remember, these are the important things in life.

storm clouds








Author: indygowolf

My life recently went through a drastic change. I moved off of Long Island and moved to wild country in New Mexico. I am surrounded by vibrant colors of red hues that are accented by the calling of the wind, the local ravens and coyotes. The stars have come alive again for me and most nights the display is something I dreamed about. Life is so alive! Yes that's the word ALIVE!! Everything is so new!! The weather, the animals, plant life, etc. It is all alive, even the stars talk to me!

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