The Heat Is On

June night of surrounding storms

Lately I have been watching the skies.   As the temperature warms up here, the storms amass.   What’s interesting is,  most of the storms pass just south or north of us.


start of a rainbow

I love taking photos of nature.   It astounds me that I can capture some of the beauty and hold it for awhile.   It connects me with my feelings of that day, what took place.   It’s the same as a song.


 I look forward to afterwards  as the wind starts blowing cool.

Recently the days have been still and hot!  There is nothing else to do but find a cool place to wait it out and do something quiet.

   Even Lily and Fanta sleep long hours in the heat of the day.   The birds are also much quieter and come out in the morning and later part of the day.


Until I take a look at the photo I have no idea what all I may have captured.   Here’s one where there are spirits all around.   As you can see the other photos I took in this group, there was no rain.   One is a very solid orb.    Pretty cool.   I think they love the wood sculpture of the Goddess. Tracy has been working on it diligently and it is looking very nice.

Goddess at twilight with the Ancestors

Well the sun is setting and it is getting late.   See you another day.












That was fun!









We’re all in this together

P1020329 (1)

Here I am contemplating life again.

It is my favorite pastime.

  It must be in my DNA because the most important experience is to figure out what it’s all about, how the Universe works and so on.


I know I create my own reality.  I know many of us are addicted to drama or some misnomer that life is hard, the harder you work, the better your life will be.    Not so.

It’s all about matter, energy, molecules and how they vibrate.

  Everything has an aura around it!

  The actual energy frequency that surrounds us, it exists and is the underlying foundation of life.

  Figure out your frequency,

 how you vibrate and how to be more aware of how you feel.

  Only then will you be able to consciously create your life as you truly want it.

crazy cloud



   Let go of how to get there, that is what stops us.     We see the limitations in front of us, then we obsess on them. We try to figure out a way to overcome them.    We think if we focus more on the limitations, we will figure it out.   Yes that is part of it, but only the beginning.  Do not stay in the limitation but from that contrast, see life without it.

It is gone.


Now move on and feel what it feels like to flow, like the rivers and streams.

The trick is to imagine life as kind, forgiving, loving..

  If I see the blocks and focus on those,

then there is where I will stay.

   I practice letting go of how to, where it comes from.

    I become aware that this moment is my life.

  How will I perceive it?


  Will I see it as color, the shades of purples and blues?

Or will I wake up and see the grey and feel like that is all that exists?

   I choose.


So I choose vibrant colors that are alive to me.   The rays that emit from these frequencies are life affirming.   Everything has a glow and a sound.       What does love look like?   Is it purple, red, green or blue?    What feels good to you?     Does it change like the wind?   Does it form and take shape like the clouds?   It actually does.   All starts from an unseen aura of color and sound.   What do you want your life to be colored by?

What is your song?

You can rewrite it over and over and there is no end.

Energy is eternal.


It sounds so easy doesn’t it?

    It is only as easy as I am able to envision it being easy.

  The moment I change my focus on worry and how to get there is the moment I stop myself moving in that direction.

   So it goes.

   It all has a scientific explanation as well.  That is what is so wonderful about this science.  IT is real and it exists and can be proven in the physical world.


if I am able to let go of my neurosis,

let go of worry, then I start to move toward that which is what I desire.

   I see the world around me in color, sound, light and movement.   Constantly moving, nothing ever stops moving. Life is little particles, molecules that are constantly being attracted or repelled.

  That which is liken to itself is drawn.




So you see we all have complete control over our experience here in the physical world.  The trick is to realize that and then learn to control it, consciously.   Whether or not we know this Universal law, matters not to the Universe.    It is the law, simple.   That which you attend to persists.


So how do we go about doing this?

  We have all learned in an ignorant fashion that life does not work that way.

You must work hard and don’t be lazy.  Don’t  be a dreamer, it only takes you away from reality and your quest at hand.   Not true.   If we were truly alive and connected to ourselves, we would know this is not true at all.

Dreamers, actors, visionaries are all what creation is all about.   Art, music, playing, seeing the beauty in a single day or moment, that is what the stars are made of.     Truly it is.


Most of us do not realize by knowing not what to focus on, we sort into the color that is more dominant around us.   Our color morphs into the nearest color, the most common color that surrounds us.  We have no idea that we do not need let that create us.

So choose that which sustains you in a vibrant and soothing manner.

   You decide what you will paint today.

Ahhh now that was a great write for me!

  How about you?

Indygo Wolf

June 2, 2016