The Heat Is On

June night of surrounding storms

Lately I have been watching the skies.   As the temperature warms up here, the storms amass.   What’s interesting is,  most of the storms pass just south or north of us.


start of a rainbow

I love taking photos of nature.   It astounds me that I can capture some of the beauty and hold it for awhile.   It connects me with my feelings of that day, what took place.   It’s the same as a song.


 I look forward to afterwards  as the wind starts blowing cool.

Recently the days have been still and hot!  There is nothing else to do but find a cool place to wait it out and do something quiet.

   Even Lily and Fanta sleep long hours in the heat of the day.   The birds are also much quieter and come out in the morning and later part of the day.


Until I take a look at the photo I have no idea what all I may have captured.   Here’s one where there are spirits all around.   As you can see the other photos I took in this group, there was no rain.   One is a very solid orb.    Pretty cool.   I think they love the wood sculpture of the Goddess. Tracy has been working on it diligently and it is looking very nice.

Goddess at twilight with the Ancestors

Well the sun is setting and it is getting late.   See you another day.












That was fun!









Author: indygowolf

My life recently went through a drastic change. I moved off of Long Island and moved to wild country in New Mexico. I am surrounded by vibrant colors of red hues that are accented by the calling of the wind, the local ravens and coyotes. The stars have come alive again for me and most nights the display is something I dreamed about. Life is so alive! Yes that's the word ALIVE!! Everything is so new!! The weather, the animals, plant life, etc. It is all alive, even the stars talk to me!

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