Heaven Knows….

heaven knows what these days shall bring..

I see myself going deeper and into the womb of the earth. There I find cool damp ground made of red clay and crystals. There lives the energy of the Goddess in all her finery, present and pure. The contrast of life mirrors fears, hopes, failures. Shows the way to that path I seek, I follow as I find my way again. There lives systers, mothers, children, lovers. All from the same tribal dna. We talk to animals, go for walk abouts. We journey to other spaces and nurturing places.

We search for each other, where we are free to be you and I….

Dancing, loving, breathing it all in.

Here I am, walking on, along my path, our path. Because my life is not complete without a community of loving womyn, all wanting to create a place where love is the scent of our home. Beauty is in what we all bring and create.

There we shall find solace and peace. There we find a place to lay our weary heads and cry and be held. There we shall release and continue to let go, trust again.

There I shall find myself again among others who hold us up, instead of tear us down.

Leave your shoes and the dirt from out there and feel the water rise around your naked bodies. Feel the healing of Mother Earth’s blood, water of divine life.

Fall and let go….

Indygo July 3, 2016blue Swirl (2)

Artwork by tracy


Author: indygowolf

My life recently went through a drastic change. I moved off of Long Island and moved to wild country in New Mexico. I am surrounded by vibrant colors of red hues that are accented by the calling of the wind, the local ravens and coyotes. The stars have come alive again for me and most nights the display is something I dreamed about. Life is so alive! Yes that's the word ALIVE!! Everything is so new!! The weather, the animals, plant life, etc. It is all alive, even the stars talk to me!

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