Living Outside the Lines

If I am to prosper and flourish, I first must remove myself from that which stifles me, denies me. A system that does not support free will and creative thinking is not a place I will support any longer.   



Sunrise over Serafina

up before the birds…

Once again Ms. Mouse woke me up. She was behind my bed and I could not find her, even with flashlight in hand. Now I am awake and so I captured the sunrise and the first birds coming to have their breakfast seeds I sprinkle every morning.

Lily can’t decide if she wants to go outside with me or stay in bed. Back and forth I try and catch the morning light streaming across the landscape, and then dashing back inside to keep warm. Enough of that! Here I am with my second post! I was up until 1AM working on the layout and learning more about how to add to this page! I need help!! I think I will have to get up early every morning just so I have time to write!

Today I am cleaning out the compost toilet up at the community house on this land. It is a 1000 acres of wildlife preserve with the cutest casitas. There is so much to learn. Thankfully there is a great library here with how to books on just about every subject. This week I am tackling a water leak at one of the casitas. The line was just put in but not very well! So I am learning about plumbing. It should not be too hard. I will use this new material called Shark Bite! It is flexible and easy to install. I will swap out the pvc at the connection of the hydrant where it is leaking. Onward as I have been told on many occasions on this amazing land!